“ The best gift we can give a child is not to love him but to teach him to love himself ”

Jacques Salomé.

Occasional guards in the evening

Our Parisian nannies come to families' homes in the evening, to allow parents to enjoy a moment of relaxation for the two. Trained and qualified to take care of children under 3 years and over 3 years, they carry out all the missions relating to the wellbeing of families:

  • Prepare dinner and feed the children
  • Help the little ones wash and put on their pajamas
  • Offer calm activities adapted to the age of the children
  • Put the children to bed respecting their little rituals: reading a story, soft music ...

Our Parisian nannies watch over the children's sleep until their parents return, regardless of the time.

Replacing a sick nanny

Sometimes a childminder or a nanny is unavailable or even ill. In these cases, it is difficult to find a reliable solution at the last minute.

Ma Nanny Parisienne thinks about parents in difficulty and offers a relay as soon as possible. Our home childcare professionals in Paris are available at any time of the day and night, weekdays and weekends to come and take care of children of all ages.

During school or during the holidays, our Parisian nannies know how to organize a day to specifically meet the needs of children and the expectations of parents. Our professionals can thus:

  • Offer awakening activities: cooking workshop, manual activity ...
  • Organize outdoor outings: visit a museum, walk in the park, go to the swimming pool ...
  • Perform daily tasks: meal management, homework help, shower support, bedtime ...

Accompaniment during a trip

Our Parisian nannies can also accompany families during their holidays, in France or abroad. This childcare solution allows parents to adjust their schedule according to their wishes while promoting the well-being of the children.

As a real relay, our nannies adapt to the needs of parents in order to offer relevant activities to children. With our professionals, the holidays take place at your own pace so that everyone can enjoy and rest.

Ma Nanny Parisienne remains available to answer questions from families with occasional childcare needs in the evening or during the day and does everything possible to provide a relevant solution as soon as possible.

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